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Portrait of a Driver (and I don’t mean that in a good way!)

The other day I passed a motorist on the interstate who could possibly be “the poster child” for bad driving!

Nothing drives me crazy as much as a “left-laner”, and this guy was hugging the far left lane for all he was worth.  No.  No, he was glued to the left lane!  Could not be pried from the left lane where he remained steadfastly oblivious to everyone else.  He was moving verrrrry slowly, well below a safe interstate speed.

With hope, creativity, and patience, a gigantic conga line of cars, stretching from town to town, over hill and dale got into a tight formation to move beyond the clog he’d created.  When it was finally my chance for the open road and I glanced in his direction, I could not believe my eyes.

His vehicle, battered and bruised, was on the verge of going nova.  I’m guessing here that his ability to make zany choices had gotten him into a few scrapes before.  Auto parts were dangling from the undercarriage and bumpers like a charm bracelet…primed at any minute to fall into the road and bounce right toward my front end.  A handicapped placard was hooked over his mirror and this was truly unfortunate, it blocked the only unshattered view out of his windshield.  The remaining glass was etched with deep, prismy gashes from a different time and place.

No matter, he wasn’t looking anyway; he held a cell phone at eye level and was (with both hands, now) either dialing or texting or who knows, maybe thumbing the words to the next great American novel!

At times like these I ask, “Why, oh, why, isn’t there a driving test to assess common sense?”

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