a safe-driving initiative focused on drive-time radio

The Concept

America drives poorly.

Years ago when highway civility and driving skills began to steeply decline the idea of The Road Sage™ was born.

The mission of The Road Sage™ is to save lives and curb the incalculable heartache and material loss that result from traffic accidents, injury and death. The Road Sage™ provides the tools that enable drivers to be their best behind the wheel in a concise, fun radio module.

Almost everyone believes themselves to be a good driver. Statistics disagree with that notion; driver error appears to cause over 90% of all accidents. Studies indicate that a staggering number of current drivers would not be able to pass a driving test. Add the use of mobile phones, texting, and other distractions and the result is stress and aggressive driving – ROAD RAGE!

But, how do you teach those who think they already know?