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What’s So Important?

You’re in your car.  Your only job at the moment is to get from point A to point B without being in or causing an auto crash.  All other options of things to do at this particular moment should pale by comparison.

If you were engaged in any other high risk venture, welding, let’s say or sawing a 2×4, you probably would not be pinching a phone between your neck and shoulder, or thumbing a clever text to your “bestie,” or taking yet another insipid selfie.

How did this get to be acceptable? How did we get so stupid?  What in the name of all that is reasonable is so all-fired important that it can’t wait the few minutes that it takes to get to point B!  NOTHING isimage so important that it can’t wait.  Especially if that “wait” can save you or your victim from a disaster.

Wait!  Just wait.