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Corporate Advocacy via AT&T for Safe Driving

Congratulations to AT&T for their colorful, vibrant campaign to bring attention to the very real dangers of texting and driving. www.itcanwait.com

The site is directed to a teen audience and features Victoria Justice (if you haven’t heard of her you don’t spend enough time with youngsters) as well as other young people that teens and pre-teens can identify with.  The videos are smart and well produced.  The site has cooperation and endorsement from many well respected entities who have deep constituencies.  All very encouraging.

I would add that the best time to make an impression on a young driver is before they drive.  What they see you do from their little car seats when they are 4 and 5 makes the most vivid impression.  Don’t text while driving.  For that matter, I say, don’t use your phone in any way while you are actively engaged behind the wheel.  In a parking lot with the engine off – fine.  Cell phones are amazing tools when used conscientiously and I’m grateful to have one.

AT&T should be applauded for taking this good first step in ending improper use of cell phones.  We all need to take the pledge to do the same.  As they have so brilliantly put it, “It Can Wait!”

AT&T Rocks

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