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Butterfly Bellies

Does Your Driving Make The Grade?

This morning my Facebook page was adorned with pictures of kids. Grandparents, Parents, Aunts and Uncles posted their little ones’ images in their fresh-from-Target-back-to-school duds, new backpacks slung over shoulders, big toothy grins on their lips and a jumble of butterflies in their bellies.

I really like kids. They haven’t unlearned innocence and transparency. They’re a lot of fun, full of imagination and promise. And they count on adults to protect them.

Driving with caution in school zones is important. But kids are in danger wherever there are moving vehicles. One fraction of a second in the parking lot of the grocery store, church or mall can be a hazard.

Kids went off to school today with high hopes, and encouragement from parents to do their best this year. This year, let’s do our best by them. Be safe behind the wheel and be extra mindful of the kids. They can spring from anywhere, carried unmindful of the dangers, by their energy and imagination.