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Are You Kidding?


I live in a neighborhood with lots of children. The speed limit, posted in several places within this small suburban space,  is 20 miles per hour. It is rather challenging to drive at that slow speed. I’m fairly sure that’s the point. Maintaining 20 miles per hour requires thoughtfulness. Control. Just a small amount of pressure on the gas pedal could easily propel the automobile to 25 or 30 or more miles per hour.  Too fast to be safe around children who forget about the dangers of living with automobiles.

Because I’m interested in driving-safety I’m pretty much of a rule follower when it comes to speed limits, yield signs and the rest of the rules. So, I’m always a bit shocked when I see my neighbors whiz by at what might be 40 miles per hour. These folks are of all ages and both genders. But, they have in common one trait. They believe the rules do not apply to them.

The little kids I’ve seen darting onto the pavement for an errant ball or pet often forget the rules, too.

But, they’re just kids.